Unfortunately there won’t be a DVD of the series released before Christmas. Hopefully there will be a DVD in early 2014 though and with you’re support still coming that should happen!

All of your support, by writing to the BBC for a 2nd series and a DVD box set still helps massively to make these things happen as this shows what great support and a following the show has. It also shows appreciation to the controller of BBC2 who took a gamble on 3 unknown lads and rightly she deserves a massive amount of credit, i mean without her there would

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  • Vee

    Just my kind of humour…could not stop laughing…was at a loss when Watson & Oliver finished, but the BBC allowed these gents to fly in just under the PC radar and deliver mirth just where it was required!

  • Robin and Philippa Furlong

    Favourite sketch – “I’m a horse, you mug!”
    closely followed by “I got rhythm”
    We are confirmed fans, recorded all 6 programmes on a hunch and they are our regular relax, chill, watch to wind down at the end of the day!
    (The other night we kept each other awake by quoting line after line – I think we woke the children!)
    Thank you!

  • Maddeleine

    I am amazed they have not commissioned a second, third, fourth series. You guys are brilliant! Great Comedy. Hubby and i both think so. Well done to you.

  • Rhys

    Don’t give up guys. You three are the funniest comedy group I seen in a long time. The jokes are so funny and clever, like ‘smooth operator’ and the ‘I’m a horse, ya mug’ it is side splitting stuff. Hope you guys will do something in the future because it is hilarious.

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