Alot of people asking about a 2nd series, we don’t know at the moment but thanks for asking and your positive comments to the BBC are fantastic and mean a lot so please keep sending them in, the points of view message board here is v positive and all of your backing on it really helps

ESPECIALLY a special thanks to those who’ve also gone out of their way to send appreciation and comments to the BBC on their official site here these really do count, so don’t stop now!

All the positive support from

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  • Kiera Bruce

    It’s been such a long while since the Beeb has shown proper, funny family comedy. Love GGG because even my 4year old enjoys it, I don’t have to censor, and it’s just GOOD STUFF. Please can we have a second series? Or a spinoff sit-rom-com for the Scarecrow and his birdie?

  • Colin


  • The Wilde Family

    Loved the sketches, esp the football referee, hope it’s back for a second series. Great fun for all ages.

  • Allypally

    Simply brilliant, just my kind of humour. Totally silly but just have to watch. More please.

  • sue Spark

    Please do another series, it’s been like a breath of fresh air on a Sunday night – “WE WANT MORE”

  • Anto

    The seagulls have made a lasting impression on me UNFORGETABLE , hilarious pls bring on 2nd series

  • carol russell

    Fresh, funny and family friendly- a real joy. I particularly loved the Green Man sketch!

  • David Duncan

    Saw them 4 years in a row at the Edinburgh Fringe, once when they performed in my home town and at BBC Glasgow for live recording.
    Absolutely brilliant sketches.
    Come on BBC let’s have a second series !

  • Anthonys Bjorns

    absolutely amazing. Hope they have chance to give us a second series. A Christmas Special would be good.
    Keep it up lads, best original sketch show for a long long time.

  • gaga

    I loved this from the Seagulls, the Ventriloquist to the Scarecrow, proper funny and great family entertainment

  • Ernie

    funniest thing I’ve seen for a long time – had me rolling in laughter and have watched them all several times over and they never lose their appeal!!!! More please. xxxx

  • Robin

    I didn’t know what to expect from the show, but it cracked me up totally! Whether it was the gulls, the Red Indian chief, the dancing garden gnomes, the Codebreakers…
    PLEASE can we have another series???!!!

  • Clare Hopkins

    Please, please can we have more the Ginge, the Geordie and the Geek? I thoroughly enjoyed the Sunday evening series but feel that the second series should be on at a more mainstream time to reach a wider adult audience. I saw GGG live recently and they were totally amazing. Their brand of comedy is subtle and sophisticated whilst being delightfully physical. More please!!


    Me and everyone who was lucky enough to see your shows really enjoyed them.a real breath of fresh comedy,keep up the good word really hope to see you back on my telly,makes the licence fee worth paying.
    cheers Rik……………….

  • Simon Williams

    Please please please can we have a second series – at least .. it’s so rare to find an original comedy, that’s not “adult only” and is funny – cheers! 🙂

  • Helen

    COME BACK!! There has been nothing as funny, original or entertaining for I don’t know how long!

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