So that's it... it's nearly Xmas and we have finally completed our first series for BBC2. woohoo! Last night's final live recording was great fun.  We've had an amazing crew for both our location filming around Scotland and our studio filming in Glasgow's BBC studios. We've also had brilliant up for it audiences on all five studio shows so thank you if you came along. It gives us a real ...

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Edinburgh Diet

Ok it's coming the GGG two show a day Edinburgh marathon, and we are opening  the show  just wearing our pants. So the question I've been asking my self is how do you get in shape whilst keeping up maximum energy and I have found the ultimate diet Breakfast.semi skimmed milk,nuts,seeds, porridge and honey..(you can never have to much honey it's natures way of making you ...

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Geek-Is on a budget

Right two days ago me and my girlfriend sat down to look  at our finances, our in goings and out goings etc...She wants to go on holiday, I'm terrified of flying but becuse I love her I will suffer for three hours and get on a plane to some where hot, I would rather go to Center Parcs..But I guess a relationship is all about sacrifices. Any hows ...

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Geek-house bound due to fish

Hello to all.....I'm house bound!! due to the ginge dropping a stone heavy salmon on my big toe. It happened during filming a sketch....but it's OK cos a first aider was on set, Nancy she bandaged my big toe up and said I was very brave the producer came up to me and said we can cancel today's filming and move the schedule....I looked every one in ...

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Recently we started watching the twilight saga and i thought nothing of it. Some sad vampire love story which teen girls go crazy over a strangely flat faced pastey vampire. But now all of a sudden i find myself desperately awaiting breaking dawn part 2!! What once was a chore to watch has become a necessity, i'm a TWIHARD!!! NO!!!!!!

Geek makes friends on train

IN the past 4 weeks I have travelled up and down to London 5 times(I'm based in Glasgow) much to my girlfriends dismay. Any hows I have started to befriend the train staff so much so that I'm on first name fravourte ticket collector is Trevor when he does his ticket inspection he always says " your OK Kevin" the passengers look at me as if I'm special...And then ...

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Geek-coffee cafe rating’s

After spending countless hours trying to write sketch's in coffee shops across Britain I have decided to give them a rating! hear goes, STARBUCKS-although the staff are lovely, and the decor light and rich the coffee does let them down and essentially that is what I'm there for .So I should give you a 5 out of 10 but because you do the best granola bars i will make it a 6 COSTA-Well ...

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Mrs Geordie won’t marry me

I have now asked Mrs Geordie to marry me about 18 times. Not that I'm counting. She keeps refusing. I think she's in love with the Geek, but I have no proof except she tells me she wishes I was as tall as him, and as good looking, and as funny, and as thoughtful, and as charming. I'll be keeping an eye on the situation to see how it develops.

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